Life on the island

MAURITIUS, is situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is a beautiful place with mesmerising beaches, waterfalls, Rivers and forests and hotels.

Mauritius is a holiday destination, open to visitors all around the world throughout the year.

Moreover, it is a tropical island, consisting of two seasons : summer and winter.

The island has a population of about 1.2 million inhabitants. Mauritian people are originated from India, Africa and even China. Which makes it a multi racial country. Here, we have it all, Hindu temples, Mosques,Churches and Chinese temples. Inhabitants are free to practice any religion of their choice.

Brief History

Mauritius was discovered by the Dutch in the 15th century and later on was colonised by the French. They developed the island and inhabited it for almost two centuries. The island was then captured by the British and later on in the year 1968, Mauritius got its independence.

Even today the French and English languages are used especially at school and work places or the assembly but our mother tongue is the ‘creole’.

Introducing myself

I am going to introduce myself, my name is Sakina. ‘Sakina‘, is an Arabic name which can be translated as ‘tranquility‘. Growing up, I was not a very tranquil person but as years go by and with experiences, I am more ‘tamed’ and matching the definition of my name.

I feel that throughout the years, I have accumulated many experiences and I would want to share them, I will be writing about various topics based on my personal experiences or encounters or from my point of view.

Besides, writing is my passion. I have been writing since a quite young age. Writing has always been my escape from the world.

Welcome to my blog.. 🙂

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